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Slash The Price to Get Club factory Gift For Free ( Loot Lo )

Club Factory slash it , club Factory slash price offer , Club factory slash it free offer – Hii Tricksbee Users Previous we have shared lots of Freebies, free gift related tricks . Have you Looted Offer Yet , If Not Kindly Check Now .

About Club Factory App is also a smart price comparison app. With our advanced technology, you could compare prices and shop online easily. What’s more, various offers and coupons could be found in our daily deals. In this online store, you could save both time and money.

Slash it Price To Get Product For Free

Open The Link in Chrome Browser

Click Here

Tap on Help With Friends to Get Lower Price

You Can Share the link with Your Family Invites or Friends Invite

It will ask for to download simple download the app .

It will automated redirected to playstore where you can download from your Officialy playstore apps installed in your Phone .

Select Gender & Profile info

Then goto Account tab options where you can sign-up or Sign in using your mobile No

Then again Open The Link

Click on Help Your Friend to slash it & do slash some prices by clicking on the slash button

You will slices some prices

How To Slash Your Product

Select your Products for Slashing

Enter Addresses & Select Color for to slash , you can find the option in slash TAB

Club Factory Slash It Terms & Conditions :

1. Select an item and invite friends to slash.Slash to Free in 24 hours, and the item is yours.

2. We’ll message you when the price is slash to zero.

3. In order to protect your account, please bind your phone number when you join Slash it.

4. You can only slash three times for different game per day.

5. You can only slash once for the same game.

6. The delivery address cannot be changed after shipment.

7. Returns are not supported after shipment.

8. Only Indian users can start or join Slash it.

9. Any item suddenly has out of stock and will stop deal on this item.

10. the price is cut randomly. the more new users you invite, the more likely you’ll get it FREE.

Tip: Clubfactory suggest you invite more friends to help you slash as soon as possible.